Light Art

by Gordana & Zorislav Shoyat


Lead by the light as one of life's secrets, Gordana and Zorislav Shoyat use it as a creative expression from year 2003, when they for the first time transformed their many years of exploration of light as a medium into an public exhibition in Pula, during the Festival "Art on the Streets". In Pula they transformed the Roko's climb into an Light Art exhibition area. By the interaction of light and space, and the direct interaction with the public, who, by passing through the projected light rays, becomes itself an active part of the exhibition, together with a careful selection of accompanying music, Gordana and Zorislav Shoyat created extraordinary experience and a perfect atmosphere.

Stimulated by the obvious positive effect on the public, after the exhibitions in Pula (Roko's climb, Villa Magnolia and Gortan's bay) they decided to donate this experience to the town of Vukovar, where they were extraodinary well accepted.


In addition to many challanges of selfstanding exhibitions in different spaces (centre of Vukovar; Gliptotheca of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts; Gallery "Klovichevi dvori"; Rudjer Boshkovich Institute; Djalski palace; centre of Lovishte; Knin fortress...) they also cooperate with other artists (Exhibition saloon "Izidor Krshnjavi", with Djurdjica Horvat et al.).


Besides the Light Art, Gordana and Zorislav Shoyat applied their expression also in the area of Creative Lighting (Ambienta 2003; Grand hall of the Jurnalists' Home in Zagreb et al.) and Light Scenography (Concert Hall "Vatroslav Lisinski" for the awards ceremony of the 16th World Festival of Animated Films, Zagreb 2004; Home of Aviation during the Fifth Balkan International Astrological Conference, Zemun 2005 et al.)


During their exploration of the possibilities of expanding their creative expression, they invented a special projection device, the "Svjetlozor", and applied for a patent for a special type of objective, which enables the cross-fading of multiple light images.

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