Virtue 0.4 / (Virtue 0.3) n0.01 / (n0.4 - n0.41.83)

Virtue is not yet available in source form, due to the fact that it is only version 0.4. It will be available in the future.
However, if you are really interested (perhaps even in helping development), please write to I would be happy to hear any comments also.

However, there are executable formats for several operating systems and several processor architectures available: (remark: all executables are gziped!)

Please BEWARE: As Virtue 0.4 is presently being actively developed, not all executables are presently up to the newest (sub)version. Some of them are still version 0.3. After downloading the executable, please check 'Virtue -v'.

The newest version is Virtue 0.4 n0.01 of 27/1/2010. The executables for that version are clearly indicated. All other executables are (still) Virtue 0.3.
The latest Virtue 0.3 version is "n0.41.83", as indicated individually for download.
All other executables are the version "n0.41.61notready 17/03/08"

All executables are gzipped. Just ungzip them. For Windows (UWIN) call the executable Virtue.exe. For all other systems just call it Virtue. For all non-Windows/UWIN systems type 'chmod +x Virtue' to make it executable.


Please send comments to